Academic Changes

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Marsha Miller

Undergraduate academic changes are changes to a college's degree requirements or academic policy. They affect a student's pursuit of an existing degree, major, concentration/track/option, academic honors, certificate, etc. Some examples of undergraduate academic changes are:

  • changing the requirements of an existing degree program (major) or degree title; changes range from adding a new subject to the degree program to deleting a course from a list of many courses that will fulfill a three-hour requirement;
  • changing the requirements to enter, remain in, or graduate from a degree program or from the college;
  • adding, deleting, or changing restrictions on electives;
  • adding, deleting, or changing a track or option, including changing the name;
  • adding, deleting, or changing an honors program, including changing its name; and
  • establishing, changing, or dropping requirements for admission to a degree program or to the college.

      All proposals are submitted electronically by the college to Office of the General Faculty with both the Impact Statement and the corresponding marked-up section of the Catalog copy provided to you by the Registrar's Office.

      Final approval:
      Executive Vice President and Provost, UT Austin