Faculty Council Executive Committee, 2021-22

The 2021-22 Faculty Council will commence on the first day of class, fall 2021. Please see the 2020-21 FCEC for the current membership.


Domino Perez

Domino R. Perez

Faculty Council Chair
Associate Professor, Department of English

Charlotte Canning

Charlotte Canning

Secretary of the General Faculty and Faculty Council
Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance

Picture of Jen Moon

Jen Moon

Faculty Council Chair Elect
Professor of Instruction, Biology Instruction Office
Assistant Dean for Non-Tenure Track Faculty, College of Natural Sciences

Anthony L. Brown

Anthony L. Brown

Faculty Council Past Chair
Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Graduate Assembly Representatives

Picture of Chris Jolly

Christopher Jolly

Chair of the Graduate Assembly
Associate Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences

Elected Faculty Council Representatives for 2021-2022

Picture of Rachel Gonzalez-Martin

Rachel V. González-Martin

Associate Professor, Department of Mexican American and Latino/a Studies

Picture of Carma Gorman

Carma Gorman

Associate Professor, School of Design and Creative Technologies

Kristin Harvey

Kristin E. Harvey

Associate Professor of Instruction, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences