B1 Committee on Financial Aid to Students

FUNCTION: To initiate and review policies and procedures; to hear appeals from decisions of the Office of Financial Aid.

COMPOSITION: Five (5) voting members of the General Faculty for three (3) year staggered terms, representing five (5) colleges or schools; five (5) students, including at least two (2) who are receiving, or have received, financial aid from the Office of Financial Aid; and two (2) staff members for two (2) year staggered terms. Four (4) of the students shall be appointed by the president from a panel of eight (8) nominees submitted by Student Government; the fifth student shall be appointed by the president from a panel of two (2) nominees submitted by the chair of the Graduate Student Assembly. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two (2) voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one (1) year terms. Each fall, the committee shall elect a chair elect who shall be a voting faculty member of the committee, though, if that proves impossible, it shall elect a vice chair as an interim measure, while continuing to seek a chair elect. Each committee shall make an annual report on its work, in writing, to the General Faculty and Faculty Council. The executive director of the Office of Financial Aid, a representative of the Dean of Students, and a representative from the Graduate School shall serve as administrative advisers without vote. The president may appoint additional non-voting administrative advisors from the general administration areas of the University.

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Annual Report


Sept. 25, 3 pm, via MS Teams

2023-2024 Membership

Committee Chair
Enamul Huq, Professor, Molecular Biosciences

Chair Elect

Administrative Support
May Steigman, Office of Financial Aid


Paul Von Hippel, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs
Katie Tackett, Associate Professor of Practice, Special Education (replacing former member fall 2023)


Enamul Huq, Professor, Molecular Biosciences
Yolanda C. Padilla, Professor, Social Work


Matthew Bowers, Associate Professor of Instruction, Kinesiology and Health Education

2023-2024 Faculty Council Representatives

John Lassiter, Professor, Geological Sciences
Stephen Walls, Associate Professor of Instruction, Marketing

Staff Members


Taylor Love, Administrative Associate, Undergraduate College


Lucas Martinez-Salas, Training Coordinator, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Student Members


Lila Orr-Rimer, Student Government Representative
Edgar Rios, Student Government Representative
Leah Tharakan, Student Government Representative
Luke Weber, Student Government Representative
TBD, Graduate Student Assembly Representative

Administrative Advisers without Vote


Marvin L. Hackert, Senior Associate Dean, Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
David Lessenberry, Student Veteran Adviser, Office of the Dean of Students Representative
Diane Todd Sprague, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

Invited Advisors (2023-24)

Brian Dixon, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management