C14 Technology-Enhanced Education Oversight Committee

The 22-23 committee will begin work at the start of the fall 2022 semester. For the active committee, see here.

FUNCTION: To evaluate and formulate policy on technology-enhanced education and make recommendations on such matters to the Faculty Council. To ensure that initiatives in technology- enhanced education further the University’s mission to be a University of the first rank by reviewing the following:

  • programmatic proposals
  • technology-enhanced courses and curricula offered by the University and certificates and degrees associated with such
  • academic quality of other on-line resources
  • use of on-line materials for credit toward University degrees (including transfer credits and dual credits)
  • overall impact of such offerings on workload, intellectual property, and promotion/tenure issues for faculty and instructional staff
  • student issues, such as privacy

COMPOSITION: Five (5) voting members of the General Faculty for three (3) year staggered terms appointed by the president through the regular procedures of the Committee on Committees, two (2) staff members for two (2) year staggered terms from college or departmental student development/advising staff (and each from different colleges/schools), and three (3) student members. The president shall appoint one (1) from a panel of two (2) names submitted by the Senate of College Councils, one (1) from a panel of two (2) names submitted by Student Government, and one (1) from a panel of two (2) names submitted by the Graduate Student Assembly. The Graduate Student Assembly panel shall include at least one (1) graduate student who is or has served as an assistant instructor or teaching assistant in an undergraduate course at the University (and all those on the list who meet this criterion shall be indicated). The students shall be from different colleges or schools. Each year the chair of Faculty Council shall appoint two (2) voting members of Faculty Council for one (1) year terms. One (1) of these faculty members should be from the C4-Educational Policy Committee and one from the Faculty Council Executive Committee. Each year the chair of the Graduate Assembly shall appoint one (1) voting member from the Academic Committee of the Graduate Assembly for a one (1) year term. Each fall, the committee shall elect a chair elect who shall be a voting faculty member of the committee, though, if that proves impossible, it shall elect a vice chair as an interim measure, while continuing to seek a chair elect. Each committee shall make an annual report on its work, in writing, to the General Faculty and Faculty Council. Two members of the provost's senior staff and the senior information technology manager shall serve as ex-officio members without vote. The president will appoint at least three representatives from the following list to serve as administrative advisors without vote:

College and School Academic Affairs (Associate/Assistant Dean)

Faculty Innovation Center

Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Graduate School (Associate/Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs)

UT Libraries

A faculty or staff member with relevant experience in education technology may be invited by the chair to become a non-voting member of the committee for the academic year, with approval of the majority of its voting members.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited

Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited

Annual Report

2021-2022 Annual Report

Coming Soon

2022-2023 Membership

Shinko Harper, Associate Professor of Instruction, Mathematics

Vice Chair / Chair Elect


Benjamin C. Brower, Associate Professor, History
Joan Hughes, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction


Nancy C. Guilloteau, Associate Professor of Instruction, French and Italian


Deborah Beck, Associate Professor, Classics
Shelly R. Rodriguez, Professor of Practice, UTeach-Natural Sciences

2022-2023 Faculty Council Representatives

Katie Gray, Professor of Instruction, Information, Risk, and Operations Management
Shinko Harper, Associate Professor of Instruction, Mathematics

Graduate Assembly Member


TBD; Representative from Academic Committee of the Graduate Assembly

Staff Members


Amber N. Welch, Head of Technology-Enhanced Learning, UT Libraries



Student Members


Shubhi Nanda, Student Government Representative
TBD, Graduate Student Assembly Representative
Aashi Vishnoi, Senate of College Councils Representative

Administrative Advisers without Vote


Chad J. Fulton, Associate Director, Faculty Innovation Center
Mario Guerra, Information Technology Services Representative
Lorraine J. Haricombe, Vice Provost and Director, UT Libraries
Mark McFarland, Executive Director for Information Technology
Julie Schell, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Technology (member of the Provost's senior staff)
Art Markman, Vice Provost for Continuing and Professional Education (member of the Provost's senior staff)