C8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

FUNCTION: To review petitions and appeals arising in connection with parking priorities and enforcement of regulations.

COMPOSITION: Eighteen (18) voting members of the General Faculty for three (3) year staggered terms, ten (10) members of the University staff for two (2) year staggered terms, and ten (10) students. Eight (8) students shall be appointed by the president from a panel of sixteen (16) names submitted by Student Government, and two (2) from a panel of four (4) names submitted by the Graduate Student Assembly. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two (2) voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one (1) year terms. Each fall, the committee shall elect a chair elect who shall be a voting faculty member of the committee, though, if that proves impossible, it shall elect a vice chair as an interim measure, while continuing to seek a chair elect. Each committee shall make an annual report on its work, in writing, to the General Faculty and Faculty Council.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited

Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited

Parking and Transportation Resources

PTS Office

Trinity Parking Garage (TRG)

1815 Trinity St.

Open Monday - Friday

except official university holidays

Cashier Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Administrative Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 512-471-PARK (7275)

Fax: 512-232-9405

parking@utexas.edu and appeals@utexas.edu.

Twitter: @utaustinparking@utshuttle,@bikeut

Annual Report



2023-2024 Membership

Committee Chair
Michael Murehead, Operator, Building Automation Systems

Chair Elect


Casey Boyle, Associate Professor, Rhetoric and Writing
Benny D. Freeman, Professor, Chemical Engineering
Junfeng Jiao, Associate Professor, Architecture
Christopher Meakin, Associate Professor of Instruction, Business, Government, and Society
Rachel Watson, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Kinesiology and Health Education
Kanthimathi Sathasivan, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Mathematics


Patricia Abril-Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Rowland Atiase, Professor, Accounting      
Karma R Chavez, Professor, Mexican American and Latino/a Studies
Enamul Huq, Professor, Molecular Biosciences
Mallory E Matsumoto, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies
Ehud I Ronn, Professor, Finance


Robert Peroni, Professor, School of Law
Carolyn Phillips, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Manuel Rausch, Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Audrey Stone, Associate Professor, Kinesiology and Health Education
Randolph Wilt, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Management

2023-2024 Faculty Council Representatives

Edward Chambers, Professor, Art and Art History
Héctor Domínguez-Ruvalcaba, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Staff Members


Kaley Aguero, Staff Council representativee
Richard Charbel, Staff Council representative
Michael Murehead, Staff Council representative
Estalfo Vargas, Staff Council representative
Daniel Cardona, Staff Council representative


Sandra Gallegos, Staff Council representative
Ricardo Hamrick, Staff Council representative
Mark LaForest, Staff Council representative
Ethan Moir, Staff Council representative
Ashley Toscano, Staff Council representative

Student Members


Isaiah James Mosley, Student Government Representative
Kevin Nguyen, Student Government Representative
Goodness Agabi, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative
Meg Donahue, Graduate Student Assembly Representative
TBD, Graduate Student Assembly Representative