C9 Transportation Policies Committee

FUNCTION: To review and monitor transportation, parking, and traffic regulations (including bicycles and scooters) to ensure they further the needs and safety of the campus community. To recommend to the president changes to the regulations that are consistent with meeting the transportation and parking needs and safety of faculty, staff, and students. To participate in the formation, monitor, and approve activity of the Shuttle Bus Committee, the Bike Committee, and the Late Night Transportation Committee and recommend to the Faculty Council any changes in their composition or operation.

COMPOSITION: Four (4) voting members of the General Faculty for three (3) year staggered terms and four (4) staff members, including two (2) representing units at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus (the staff of the director of physical plant are not eligible to serve), for two (2) year staggered terms. Two (2) students shall be appointed by the president from a panel of four (4) names submitted by Student Government, and one (1) from a panel of two (2) names submitted by the Graduate Student Assembly. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two (2) voting faculty members of the Faculty Council for one (1) year terms. Each fall, the committee shall elect a chair elect who shall be a voting faculty member of the committee, though, if that proves impossible, it shall elect a vice chair as an interim measure, while continuing to seek a chair elect. Each committee shall make an annual report on its work, in writing, to the General Faculty and Faculty Council. Representatives of Campus Safety, the Dean of Students, Campus Planning and Project Management, Parking and Transportation, the University Police Department, and Financial and Administrative Services shall serve as administrative advisors without vote.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited

Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited)

Annual Report


August 30, 2 PM

2023-2024 Membership

Committee Chair
Kate Catterall, Associate Professor, School of Design and Creative Technologies

Chair Elect
Dennis Mishler, Assistant Professor of Practice, College of Natural Sciences


Tracy Wuster, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Human Dimensions of Organizations (replacing member starting fall 2022)


Doris L. Baker, Associate Professor, Special Education
Dennis Mishler, Assistant Professor of Practice, College of Natural Sciences


Ryan Gray, Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences

2023-2024 Faculty Council Representatives

Kate Catterall, Associate Professor, School of Design and Creative Technologies
Johann Hofmann, Professor, Integrative Biology

Staff Members


Mark LaForest, Senior Information Technology Manager, College of Liberal Arts
Melissa Taylor, Administrative Manager, Construction Industry Institute


Ethan Moir, Desktop Support Specialist, Technology Resources
Matt Simon, Senior Database Administrator, Applied Research Laboratories

Student Members


Frimpong A. Baidoo, Graduate Student Assembly Representative
Maya Thakur, Student Government Representative
TBD, Student Government Representative

Administrative Advisers without Vote


Douglas C. Garrard, Associate Vice President of Student Life and Deputy Dean of Students
TBD, Representative for Campus Safety, Facilities Planning and Management
Marla L. Martinez, Associate Vice President, VP for Business Strategies (formerly rep of Financial and Administrative services)
Blanca Gamez, Director, Parking and Transportation Services
TBD, Director or Delegate, Campus Planning and Project Management
Peter Scheets, Assistant Chief of Police, University Police Department