The Certification Process for Students Completing the Requirements for a Minor

Transcript-recognized certificate programs offer interdisciplinary curricula that support and extend a student’s major or curricula in a specific academic or technical field that support a student's educational goals. Undergraduates who complete certificate requirements in conjunction with their degree requirements or within one year after earning the degree receive recognition on the University transcript; students in integrated undergraduate/graduate programs must complete certificate requirements within one year after they complete their undergraduate degree requirements. Transcript-recognized undergraduate academic certificate programs require a minimum of eighteen hours of certificate course work but may not require more than twenty-four hours. A maximum of nine hours of certificate coursework may be taken after the student has earned the undergraduate degree. At least half of the required certificate coursework must be completed in residence at the University.

Application for certification must be made directly to the academic unit offering the certificae and is not a substitute for the application for graduation required by a student’s degree-granting school or college. Certification of completion of the requirements is done by the program’s faculty committee chair (or the department’s undergraduate advisor).

For Extended Campus students, an application for the certificate of completion is initiated by the student and submitted to the appropriate extension unit at the time they complete the certificate program. After approval of the student’s application by the extension unit and the program’s faculty committee chair (or designee), the Registrar’s Office will be notified so that the certificate can be shown on the official transcript.