Civitatis Award

The Civitatis Award is conferred upon one or two members of the faculty each year in recognition of dedicated and meritorious service to the University above and beyond the regular expectations of teaching, research, and service. Criteria for selection and the nomination and selection procedure is online at

Civitatis Award Recipients:

1997: Gaylord Jentz (Information, Risk, and Operations Management) and H. Paul Kelley (Educational Psychology) 

2000: Wayne Danielson (Journalism)

2001: Waneen Spirduso (Kinesiology & Health Education)

2002: Jim Ayres (English)

2003: John R. Durbin (Mathematics)

2004: Reuben McDaniel, Jr. (Information, Risk, and Operations Management)

2005: Douglas Laycock (Law)

2006: Judith Langlois (Psychology) and Paul Woodruff (Philosophy)

2007: Michael Granof (Accounting) and Shelley M. Payne (Microbiology)

2008: Alba A. Ortiz (Special Education)

2009: Alan W. Friedman (English)

2010: David Hillis (Integrative Biology) and Omi Osun Joni Jones (African and African American Studies).

2011: Martha F. Hilley (Music)

2012: Sue A. Greninger (Human Development and Family Sciences)

2013: Larry Abraham (Kinesiology and Health Education) and Patrick Davis (Pharmacy)

2014: Hillary Hart (Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering)

2015: Larry D. Carver (Liberal Arts Honors Programs) and Dean P. Neikirk (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

2016: Steve Goode (Law)

2017: Edmund T. Gordon (African and African Diaspora Studies, and Anthropology) and Mary A. Steinhardt (Kinesiology and Health Education)

2018: Jody L. Jensen (Kinesiology and Health Education) and William Roger Louis (History)

2019: Andrea C. Gore (Pharmacy) and Lori K. Holleran Steiker (Social Work)

2020: Michael Marder (Physics)

2021: Charlotte Canning (Theatre and Dance) and Brian Evans (Electrical and Computer Engineering)