Curriculum Change Proposals FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Can I work on two Curriculum Change Proposals in Qualtrics at once?

Answer: Only if the proposals are different proposal types. Qualtrics will not allow you to have multiple instances of the same form open at once. For example, if your College wants to propose two new degree programs, you will need to totally complete the CCP form for the first degree program before you can start on the CCP form for the second degree program.

Question: Does Qualtrics save my progress?

Answer: Yes! Qualtrics saves your answers each time you “complete” a page by clicking the “next” arrow. You can access partially-completed forms by logging in to the same survey using your EID.

Question: Do I have to fill out an Impact Statement in addition to this new form?

Answer: No. The new Curriculum Change Proposal Qualtrics form prompts you to enter all of the necessary information and upload all of the required forms. Impact Statements are no longer required. 

Question: How can I know if I need to turn in extra forms with my CCP?

Answer: The CCP Qualtrics forms are designed to automatically prompt you to download, fill out, and upload all of the required documents you’ll need to turn in your proposal. The form decides, based on your answers about your proposal, whether or not certain documents are needed. 

Question: My College wants to make similar changes in catalog wording to five different degree programs. Can I just fill out one Qualtrics form and include them all?

Answer: No. You will need to submit separate CCP Qualtrics forms for each distinct curriculum change. If you are ever unsure about whether or not you need to split up a proposal into multiple forms, please feel free to contact the Office of the General Faculty at or 512-471-5934. 

Question: How do I cancel a CCP Qualtrics form I’ve partially completed? 

Answer: There is not an official way to cancel a form that is only partially completed. If your College has withdrawn a proposal that you have not finished and submitted yet, you can: a) contact the Office of the General Faculty and request that we delete the partially completed record or b) hit the “back” arrow until you reach the beginning of the form and start a new proposal that does need to be turned in.

Have a question that doesn't appear here? Feel free to contact the Office of the General Faculty at or 512-471-5934.