December 12, 2022, Faculty Council Meeting

To be held in a hybrid format: in-person (MAI 212) and via Zoom. If you are not a Council member but would like to attend the meeting, please contact for the Zoom room ID and password.

2:15 PM


Secretary's Report


Business & Legislation

  1. Annual Wellness Leave—Susan Harnden (Director of HealthPoint)
  2. Active Shooter Workshops—Wesley R. Schlather (Police Sergeant, University Police Department)
  3. Victims Advocate Network—Ryann Grindstaff (VAN Case Manager) and Danica Morgan (VAN Specialist/ EAP Counselor)
  4. Faculty Council Seat Apportionment Change (D 19388-19389)—Charlotte Canning (Secretary of the General Faculty and Faculty Council)

Announcements & Comments

  1. The fifth meeting of the Faculty Council will be held on January 23 at 2:15 PM via Zoom


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Meeting transcript