December 7 2020, Faculty Council Meeting

Instructions on how to join the Zoom meetings

On Monday, December 7th,  the Faculty Council will hold its fourth regular meeting of the year at 2:15 PM via Zoom.

Faculty Council Agenda

Secretary's Report

Approval of the Nov. 16 Faculty Council Minutes

Approval of the Nov. 23 Faculty Council Minutes

Minutes of the December 7 Meeting

New Business

  1. Update on the University’s COVID-19 Vaccine Planning—Jonathan Robb (Director of Emergency Preparedness).
  2. COACHE Results—Gina Magharious (Survey Coordinator, Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems).
  3. Report from the Task Force on Faculty-Driven Communication (D 18604-18605)PPT slides—Brad Love (Associate Professor, Advertising and Public Relations) and Shelly R. Rodriguez (Faculty Council Executive Committee member and Associate Professor of Practice, UTeach-Natural Sciences).

Note: The report on current issues with international students and visas has been postponed until spring.


  1. Student Government Announcement—Vinit Shah
  2. The next Faculty Council meeting will be held on January 25.

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