February 14, 2022, Faculty Council Meeting

On Monday, February 14, the sixth meeting of the 21-22 Faculty Council will begin at 2:15 PM via Zoom. All members of the faculty are invited to attend. Please email fc@austin.utexas.edu for an invitation.

Faculty Council Agenda

Secretary's Report

Faculty Council Minutes

New Business

  1. Vote: Resolution of Staff Support (D 19140)
  2. Faculty Council Priorities Small Group Discussions (see Appendix B)
  3. Vote: Committee of Counsel on Academic Freedom and Responsibility Resolution Defending Academic Freedom to Teach About Race and Gender Justice and Critical Race Theory (D 19141-19144)—Andrea Gore (Committee Chair; Professor, Pharmacy)

PowerPoint Slides

FC Meeting Transcript

Audio Recording (MP3)

Audio/Video Recording (MP4)