Four Year Degree Plans Guidance

Per Texas Education Code Section 51.96852 , at least one recommended course sequence must be published each catalog cycle for transcript-recognized academic programs offered by the University. Recommended course sequences for programs must be provided to Faculty Council as part of the legislative process. Use the university template at to publish four-year recommended course sequences for degree plans, and ‘four-plus-one’ course sequences for integrated programs. 

  • Four-year degree plans for existing programs must be maintained and uploaded to UTBox at For help uploading documents, please send your degree plans to, and we will upload it on your behalf. 
  • Recommended course sequences for transcript-recognized minors and certificates are published in each college’s “Minor and Certificate Programs” section of the Undergraduate Catalog. Recommended course sequences for degrees are subject to being published in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Naming standards for files: [Catalog Year Span], Bachelor of [Degree], [Major], [Track/Concentration-if applicable], [Total hours]. Example: 2020-2022, Bachelor of Business Administration, Management, Entrepreneurship, 120.