January 23, 2023, Faculty Council Meeting

To be held via Zoom. If you are not a Council member but would like to attend the meeting, please contact fc@austin.utexas.edu for the Zoom room ID and password.

2:15 PM


Secretary's Report


Tentative Business & Legislation

  1. Faculty Council Seat Apportionment Change Vote (D 19388-19389)—Charlotte Canning (Secretary of the General Faculty and Faculty Council)
  2. COACHE Presentation—Tasha Beretvas (Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs)
  3. Resolution Honoring James Loehlin (D 19456-19457) Presentation and Vote—Madge Darlington (Assistant Professor of Instruction, Theatre and Dance) and John Morán González (Professor, English)

Announcements & Comments

  1. The sixth meeting of the Faculty Council will be held on February 20 at 2:15 PM via Zoom.
  2. The annual Joint Meeting of Faculty Leadership of UT Austin and Texas A&M will be held April 4, 2023, via Zoom. All Council members are encouraged to attend.
  3. Use the Election System to nominate yourself or a faculty colleague to a campus-wide committee currently accepting nominations. Contact fc@austin.utexas.edu with any questions.


Meeting Audio

Meeting Video