March 22, 2021, Faculty Council Meeting

March 22 Faculty Council Minutes

Faculty Council Agenda

Secretary's Report

Tentative New Business

  1. University of Texas Libraries Committee Resolution (D 18678-18679)—Maria Wade (Committee Chair and Associate Professor, Anthropology)

  2. Academic Calendar Presentation—Tim Shanahan (University Academic Calendar Committee Chair and Associate Professor, Geological Sciences)

  3. Hearing Panels, Misconduct and Changes to the Handbook of Operating Procedures—John Dalton (Associate Vice President for Investigation and Adjudication)

  4. Supporting Students with Disabilities—Kelli Bradley (Executive Director, Services for Students with Disabilities)


  1. The UT Austin/ Texas A&M Faculty Leadership Joint Meeting will be held on March 29.
  2. The next Faculty Council meeting will be held on April 12.

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