May 8 Faculty Council Meeting

Regular Meeting of the 2022-23 Faculty Council


Secretary's Report




  1. B-2 Recreational Sports Committee Presentation on Faculty Council Priorities— Geoff Rich (Committee Chair; Assistant Professor of Practice, Kinesiology and Health Education) and Josh Beckham (Committee Chair-Elect; Associate Professor of Practice, College of Natural Sciences)
  2. C-10 Recruitment and Retention Presentation—Marie-Anne Suizzo (Committee Chair; Associate Professor, Educational Psychology)
  3. Vote on New Climate System Science Major in the Bachelor of Science in Geosciences (D 19515-19517)—Kerry Cook (Professor, Geological Sciences)
  4. Vote on Resolution Naming Jen Moon Chair of Faculty Council, 2023-24 (D 19518)—Charlotte Canning 


  1. The June 19, July 17, and August 14 summer meetings of the Faculty Council have been cancelled. A special meeting will be held June 26 to vote on new degree programs and address any new business.

Audio recording (both special and regular meetings)

Transcript (both special and regular meetings)

Special Meeting of the 2023-24 Faculty Council (Officer Elections)

Agenda of the Special Meeting

Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Council Officers for 2023-2024

Minutes of the Special Meeting