Minimum Criteria for Minor Recognition on the Transcript

  1. The transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minor must be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin; students pursuing an integrated undergraduate/graduate program must complete the requirements for the minor within one year after completing the undergraduate requirements of their program.
  2. Transcript-recognized undergraduate academic minors must require a minimum of fifteen hours of course work but not more than eighteen hours. None of the specified coursework for the minor can include unnumbered topics courses. Minors will include a minimum of six hours of upper division coursework except in cases where students are pursuing a minor in a foreign language. In those instances, the minor must include at least nine semester hours of coursework beyond first year competence in a foreign language, including at least three hours of upper-division coursework.
  3. At least half of the required course work in the minor must be completed in residence at The University of Texas at Austin.
  4. A student may not earn a minor in the same field of study as his or her major, and at least nine of the hours required for the minor must include coursework not used to satisfy the requirements of the student’s major. However, courses in the minor may fulfill other degree requirements such as general education requirements or required elective hours.
  5. Students apply for transcript recognized undergraduate academic minors at the time they complete their undergraduate degree. Transcript recognition is awarded at that time.