September 19, 2022, Faculty Council Meeting

To be held via Zoom (if you are not a Council member but would like to attend the meeting, please contact for the Zoom room ID and password)

2:15 PM



Secretary's Report

Business & Legislation

  1. Vote on Revised Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy (D 19358-19359)—Domino Perez (Past Faculty Council Chair and Associate Professor, English).
  2. New Faculty Grievance Policy Presentation (D 19365-19380)—Charlotte Canning (Faculty Grievance Policy Working Group Committee Member) and Steve Goode (Faculty Grievance Policy Working Group Committee Member; Professor, School of Law).
  3. Academic Calendar Implementation Update—Tim Shanahan (University Academic Calendar Committee Member and Associate Professor, Geological Sciences) and Mark Simpson (Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar).

Announcements & Comments

  1. 2022 State of the University Address to be held September 20 at 3:00 PM in Mulva Auditorium.
  2. The annual meeting of the General Faculty will be held on October 17 at 2:15 PM via Zoom and will be immediately followed by the second meeting of the Faculty Council.
  3. Civitatis Award nominations due in the Office of the General Faculty by October 17.

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Audio/Video Recording

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