Committee on Undergraduate Degree Program Review (CUDPR)

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Marsha Miller

CUDPR, an ad hoc committee of the General Faculty, consists of representatives from each college, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Admissions, Official Publications (OP), the Office of the General Faculty (OGF), and the Educational Policy Committee (EPC). The senior vice provost for enrollment and graduation management serves as chair.

CUDPR considers issues of the educational quality of degrees and also looks at possible implications of degree changes on course demand and graduation rates, impacts on other programs (e.g.., service courses), and other such issues. CUDPR also considers whether the proposal adequately describes the proposed change. If it doesn't, CUDPR clarifies the proposal or returns it to the dean for clarification.

When CUDPR meets to consider substantive changes to the Undergraduate Catalog, a representative from the college submitting the change(s) explains the college's proposal and answers questions; additional college representatives may attend for this purpose. Non-substantive changes are considered by electronic vote. For more information, see the criteria for routing of proposals.

CUDPR may take any of the following actions:

  • Recommend approval of the proposal as submitted.
  • Recommend approval of the proposal with minor changes (that is, changes that the college's representative can approve without consulting the college).
  • Suggest non-minor changes to the college. In this case, CUDPR returns the proposal to the college for reconsideration. The college may accept the changes, request further changes, or withdraw the proposal. If any further changes that result are substantive, the chair or the college representative presents the updated proposal for reconsideration at the next CUDPR meeting; if they are not substantive, the college representative or the CUDPR chair reports them to OGF.
  • Recommend disapproval of the proposal.

OGF records CUDPR's action, including any changes to the proposal.


    Voting Members

    Academic Representative Title
    Architecture Juan Miro Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    Business David Platt Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    Communication Mark Bernstein Associate Dean, and CUDPR Chair
    Education Richard Hogeda Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
    Engineering Gerald Speitel Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Fine Arts D. Rachel Martin Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
    GeoSciences Chris Bell  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Information Carla Criner Assistant Dean
    Law Elizabeth Bangs Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
    Liberal Arts Richard Flores Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Natural Sciences David Vanden Bout Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
    Nursing Gayle Timmerman Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Pharmacy Renee Acosta Associate Dean
    Social Work Allan Cole Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    Undergraduate Studies Larry Abraham Associate Dean
    Office Administrative Representative Title
    Office of the General Faculty Alan W. Friedman Secretary of the General Faculty and Faculty Council
    Office of Admissions Keith Baird Assistant to the Director
    Educational Policy Committee Representative TBD Educational Policy Committee representative
    Faculty Innovation Center Hillary Hart Director
    Office of the Registrar (OP) Brenda Schumann Associate Registrar

    Non-Voting Members (unless designated)

    Office Assistants Title
    Moody College of Communication Lauren K. Brown Program Manager for Undergraduate Education 
    College of Fine Arts Andrew Dell'Antonio Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
    Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Donihoo Assistant to Senior Vice Provost
    School of Law Rashida Y. Douglas Director of Academic Services
    Jackson School of Geosciences M. Nicole Evans Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Administration
    School of Nursing Carol Gaskamp
    Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs
    School of Social Work Alexis D. George Undergraduate Program Coordinator
    College of Fine Arts Christine C. Huber Administrative Associate 
    School of Undergraduate Studies Jeanette M. Herman Assistant Dean
    School of Architecture Katrina C. Kosted Undergraduate Academic Advising Coordinator
    Cockrell School of Engineering Theresa G. Lavorogna Administrative Associate
    College of Education Anna "Beth" Maloch Associate Dean for Teacher Education
    College of Fine Arts Hannah F. McKenna Executive Assistant to Dean Flores
    McCombs School of Business Leah Miller Director of Undergraduate Academic Services
    School of Undergraduate Studies Jen Morgan Program Manager
    School of Nursing Jeanne Morriss Administrative Associate
    College of Natural Sciences Judith M. Quinney Manager for College of Natural Sciences Records Office
    College of Natural Sciences Michael W. Raney Assistant Dean
    Office of the General Faculty Debbie Roberts Executive Assistant
    Cockrell School of Engineering Sonya D. Shaffer Executive Assistant
    College of Liberal Arts John E. St. Lawrence Senior Administrative Associate
    Office of the General Faculty Casey L. Sloan Senior Administrative Associate
    College of Natural Sciences Melissa Anne Taylor Assistant Dean
    College of Fine Arts Catherine A. Whited Senior Degree Auditor
    Offfice of the Executive Vice President & Provost Tiffany C. Wills Administrative Manager
    College of Natural Sciences Sharon E. Williams Senior Administrative Associate