Curriculum Change Proposals

Submission for Curriculum Change Proposals for the 2022-2024 undergraduate and law catalogs will open in Summer 2021.

Before submitting your Curriculum Change Proposal to the Office of the General Faculty, please be sure you have acquired all of the necessary internal approvals. More information can typically be found in your College's governance documents.

CCP Form Submission Links

As of fall 2018, Curriculum Change Proposal (CCP) Forms are replacing all impact statements used in the previous catalog cycle change. Thank you for your patience and your help as we continue to improve upon the Curriculum Change Proposal process.

All proposals are submitted electronically by the college to the Office of the General Faculty through a UT Qualtrics form (links below). Please be sure to select the proper form--your choice will affect the routing of your proposal. Only authorized users will be able to access these forms. If you cannot log in with your UT EID, please contact the Office of the General Faculty.

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Proposal Guides and Information