Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC)


This section is still under construction. The description below is not final.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee (UCRC), a staff committee that supports the UT Austin General Faculty C-3 Undergraduate Curriculum Changes Committee. Broadly, UCRC receives, reviews, and routes Curriculum Change Proposals from colleges/schools/units (CSUs) to the Faculty Council and other University-level and external approvers. The staff committee: develops and maintains submission procedures for CSUs; provides guidance to CSUs on policies; receives and reviews proposals for impact and compliance; coordinates routing of proposals internally and externally; maintains the point-of-contact list for CSUs; formats and edits proposals to align with Official Publication guidelines; determines whether proposals can be put forward to C-3 on a no-protest basis or must be considered at a meeting.


The Staff Review Committee consists of representatives from the Office of the General Faculty, the Office of Strategic Academic Initiatives, the UT Registrar, the Office of Admissions, the School of Undergraduate Studies, and others.

CCP Routing

On March 25, 2020, the C-3 committee approved the routing procedure below.

The Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee has been Delegated Authority to Approve:

  • Changes in degree/minor/certificates not requiring Provost or THECB review (after obtaining any needed external approvals)
  • Internal changes in academic policy for a College/School/Unit (CSU)

Curriculum Changes C-3 Will Approve

  • Any proposal for which there is UCRC concern, confusion, or questions
  • Creating or deleting a transcript-recognized degree, minor, or certificate
  • Changing an existing degree, minor, or certificate in a manner that requires UTS (University of Texas System)/THECB (Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board) approval
  • Adding or deleting a track, concentration, or option within a major
  • Making any other substantive change requiring UTS/THECB approval (e.g., change in required semester credit hours, degree titles, etc.)

Curriculum Changes Faculty Council Must Review

  • Any proposal for which C-3 cannot come to a consensus
  • Creating a new degree program
  • Proposals requiring Provost approval
  • Proposals requiring UT System/THECB approval