Change Degree Program/ Major

To initiate a Qualtrics form to Change a Degree Program/ Major, click here

You can view the information you'll need for changing degree programs/ majors  on our downloadable .pdf

All four year degree programs require a degree plan. See here for guidelines.

Making a Change to an Existing Degree Program / Major

Changes to existing degree programs that affect a student's pursuit of an existing degree, major, concentration/track/option, academic honors, etc. Some examples of are:

  • changing the requirements of an existing degree program (major) 
    • e.g. adding a new subject to the degree program
    • e.g. deleting a course from a list of many courses that will fulfill a three-hour requirement;
  • changing the requirements to remain in or graduate from a degree program;
  • adding, deleting, or changing restrictions on electives;
  • adding, deleting, or changing a track or option, including changing the name;
  • adding, deleting, or changing an honors program, including changing its name; and
  • establishing, changing, or dropping requirements for admission to a degree program.

Some degree program changes require permission from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). In addition to the information provided below, also reference THECB's guidelines. If your degree program change requires THECB approval, the UT Qualtrics form will prompt you to fill out and upload the proper documents. The Provost's Office will submit these documents to THECB.Changes that require THECB permission include:

Office of the General Faculty